Citizen Action Program of the Open Space Institute

Butterfly Project is proud to be part of the Citizen Action Program, a project of The Open Space Institute. The Citizen Action Program (OSI) has provided a home for a broad range of environmental projects started by concerned citizens who want to make their world a better place. The Citizen Action Program provides administrative support to grassroots community groups whose programs and activities are aligned with OSI’s central mission to protect scenic, natural and historic landscapes. The program assists environmental groups who: protect natural habitats, make cities more livable, enhance local communities, promote sustainability, provide environmental education or connect people with the land.

Butterfly Project’s Native Plant Share™

Since spring 2004 Butterfly Project has sought funding to purchase and distribute native pollinator plants for free to New Yorkers working in community and school gardens and parks. In the past six years, we have conducted eight successful plant giveaways to gardeners and educators in over 75 gardens. We also provide specifics on caring for the plants and advice on starting a pollinator garden. Keep an eye out on the Home Page for information about where and when upcoming Spring 2011 Native Plant Shares™ will take place.

Many thanks to our Native Plant Share™ supporters:

Bissel Gardens
Bronx Green Up Program of the New York Botanical Gardens
Citizens of New York City
Fordham University
New York City GreenThumb
New York City Housing Authority Garden & Greening Program
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Phipps Community Development Corporation
Waste Management Corporation
NYC Wildflower Week

Workshops and Professional Development

Butterfly gardens are amazing, simply put. Native plants are beautiful and, when planted artfully and with a little know-how, they will beautify your garden space (no matter how small), present blooms throughout the growing season and attract many beneficial insects. Butterfly Project members are available to give instructional workshops on butterfly gardening. We can help you to start your garden or spruce up an existing one. You’ll be very glad that you chose native plants. In the long run, they need less care (and water!) than non-native cultivars and perennials will come back year after year. Your initial investment will provide years of lovely returns!

If you’re working with young people, Butterfly Project NYC™ also does workshops on the use of the Butterfly Project Pollinator Curriculum Guide©. We will demonstrate activities, present activity props that teachers can recreate themselves and help teachers to understand the concepts addressed in the Guide. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information and to schedule a workshop.

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