Butterfly Project is committed to educating the general public about the importance of beneficial insects particularly pollinators. Through workshops, consultations and the Butterfly Project Pollinator Curriculum Guide© we offer practical and useful information for those who wish to learn more about butterflies and other pollinators, those who are developing butterfly gardens, and students learning about pollination among other topics.

The Butterfly Project Pollinator Curriculum Guide©

The Butterfly Project Pollinator Curriculum Guide was developed with the primary goal of opening the world of insect pollination to students from grades six through nine. Secondary, yet equally important, goals are to help students think for themselves while they learn to appreciate and, eventually, advocate for pollinators and the natural world in general.

New York City is home to many insects including a good number of pollinators. Historically there were more and if New Yorkers continue to prioritize and preserve (or develop) natural areas and green spaces, there will again be more of these beneficial insects. They are indicator species. If they thrive, we can be sure that our air, water and soil are thriving also.

The guide is for the use of formal and informal educators. Each lesson includes up to three activities – at least one of which can be (or is meant to be) conducted outdoors. While we believe that academic study is very important, experience in the outdoors and interaction with the insects is the only way that students will learn to truly appreciate them. We strongly encourage teachers to balance indoor academic work with outdoor field work and play.

Please feel free to print and test the lesson here. If you like it, the complete Pollinator Curriculum Guide is available for a donation of $40 to Butterfly Project (includes shipping and handling within the U.S.). Please also visit our blog and give us your feedback and suggestions. To order the Guide, Donate and then send us an email with your request. Please include your full name and address so that we can send out your guide promptly. We’ll send you a confirmation email as soon as it is shipped. You can expect to receive your guide in about 10 business days.

Butterfly Project also offers public workshops, private consultations and professional development for teachers. Go to the Initiatives page for more information.

Pollinator Curriculum Guide At A Glance

Unit 1 :: Function of Plants – Flower Dissection
Unit 2 :: How Does Pollination Work?
Unit 3 :: Sorting Out the Pollinators
Unit 4 :: Field Observation
Unit 5 :: The Changing Pollinators
Unit 6 :: Site Assessment
Unit 7 :: Migration and the Monarchs
Unit 8 :: Bee Watchers
Synopsis of the Guide

The Butterfly Project Pollinator Curriculum Guide is available for a suggested donation of $40 to Butterfly Project. Your donation will go to support our members who are teaching local school children about pollinators. Please read on this page about how to donate and get yours.